Tourism in Brazil: why Bonito is the ecotourism destination you need to visit

Tourism in Brazil:  why Bonito is the ecotourism destination you need to visit

Bonito is considered a hidden gem by nature lovers. It’s located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil, at about 300 km from the state capital, Campo Grande. Its breathtaking sights have made it the main ecotourism destination in Brazil.

Bonito boasts a set of natural attractions that include waterfalls, lakes with an incredible array of blue tones and caves with unbelievable stalactite hanging from their ceilings. And these are only a few of the reasons why it attracts many tourists, though it’s still rather unknown outside of Brazil.

If you are still thinking about whether it’s worth a visit, read on.

The best ecotourism destination


Bonito has been elected nothing less than 15 times the best ecotourism destination by Abril magazine. Sustainable tourism is a staple in Bonito. Environmental awareness is shared by both the government and the local population.

The city has implemented a special voucher system for tourists, where tickets can only be bought from licensed agents. That makes it possible to oversee the conservation of the natural attractions by offering a limited number of spots on each attraction.

As all tours are located on private lands and therefore, need to be planned ahead. In that sense, there is a high demand for tours on peak season, especially in July and January, so booking tours beforehand is crucial.

The city does offer English-speaking licensed guides, so the language barrier shouldn’t be a concern. Bonitour can help you with all the necessary arrangements.

Getting to Bonito

The easiest way to get there is by plane, through the Campo Grande International Airport, in the state’s capital. The airport is served by the main local airlines, among them Latam, Gol, and Azul.

There are daily flights with a layover in either Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro from any major city in the UK, Canada, the US.

From the airport, you can either get a van, a minibus or book private transportation. There is also the option of renting a car. If that is your choice, you can take the BR-060 highway and then MS-382, from Campo Grande. Either way, you can count on Bonitour to help you book any of those options.

Main Attractions

Bonito’s one-of-a-kind grottos, vegetation, rivers, and wildlife are mostly located on private land, as we mentioned previously. The tours usually take from a few hours to a whole day, depending on the activity of your choice.

If you have kids, or if you’re an elderly traveler, don’t worry! Though some activities can be considered quite adventurous, Bonito provides a safe environment and excellent options for those who are not into vigorous activities.

Among your options are hiking, horseback riding, rappelling and floating, just to name a few. Bonito has over 30 amazing attractions, for all tastes and ages, check them out:

Grottos and caves:


There are several hundred classified caves in Bonito-MS, but these are the top ones everyone needs to visit. On top of the unbelievable calcareous formation, some of them have amazing blue waters.  São Mateus,São Miguel and Abismo Anhumas.


Probably the most sought-after activity in Bonito ms. All you need is a mask, snorkel, a wetsuit, and a life-jacket, which are all provided for you at the spot.Rio Sucuri Aquário Natural, Nascente Azul, Barra do Sucuri, Rio da Prata,Lagoa Misteriosa, and Gruta do Lago Azul.


Trails and waterfalls:

Enjoy your time in Bonito with a refreshing walk and reach beautiful waterfalls where you’ll get to swim in natural pools.  Boca da Onça  (the tallest waterfall in the state), Serra da Bodoquena, Ceita Corê, Estância Mimosa, Parque das Cachoeiras ,Rio do Peixe .


Looking for a thrill? There is no lack of activities if you’re into adventurous attractions. Trilha do Parque Ecológico, Cabanas – Arvorismo, Cabanas Boia Cross, Boca da Onça – Rapel, Eco Park passeio de Bote, Eco park – combo duck – duck rio formoso  (duck ride, river tubing and stand up paddle) –  Rio Formoso – Eco Park Passaporte – um dia,Trilha Boiadeira – QuadricicloLobo Guará Bike.


Leisure Centers

A great opportunity to relax and enjoy the sights, especially for families.

Balneário do Sol,Nascente Azul ,Praia da Figueira , Balneário Municipal.


A unique, astonishing crater with a lake at the bottom. The visitor will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of several bird species which inhabit the site, especially the rare Red Macaws. Magnificent for photos. Buraco das Araras.

Horseback riding

If you enjoy horseback riding, don’t miss this opportunity to observe the wildlife and greats sights on this tour. You’ll be accompanied by a specialized guide who will give you all the information you need, even if you’ve never ridden a horse before. Ecological Park – cavalgada.

Night tour

Here you’ll get to contemplate the large variety of fish from the area, while on Jiboia Project you’ll get an amazing snake passionate as a guide.Aquario de Bonito, Projeto Jiboia.


A tour in Pantanal, where you’ll get to do a photographic safari and a fishing boat trip to find the legendary piranhas. San Francisco – Day Use.


Scuba diving

The incredible Mysterious Lagoon offers, on top of Scuba and Cave Diving, also simple Trails and Snorkeling. You’ll be accompanied by a licensed instructor who will ensure safety requirements are met. Lagoa Misteriosa.

Bonitour can help you every step of the way

Bonitour is a sustainability-conscious and technology-savvy travel agency. It has been on the market for over 29 years. It currently has over 60 employees, who are all ready to help you plan the best trip to Bonito.

On top of planning your trip from end-to-end, Bonitour enables you to do online check-in. That means and you don’t have to worry about taking tickets in print or possibly losing them.Bonitour’s platform “Roteiro Fácil”, gathers all your documents on the same spot. Your tickets for each attraction, your hotel information, and transportation info. You can also get more information about each attraction, its particularities and what items to take.

Bonitour aims to provide a complete customer experience. They offer throughout customer support, a management system for all vacancies in attractions and the perfect app so you can follow-up your travel itinerary.

Be sure to check out our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you plan a wonderful trip to Bonito.

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