How to choose tours in Fernando de Noronha

How to choose tours in Fernando de Noronha

Noronha, that little piece of paradise frequented by celebrities, is also a popular destination for nature and ecotourism lovers. 

The island that was once a prison and military strategic point, today is a historic tourist spot, owner of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and also your next destination!

Want to know a very easy way to plan your tours in Fernando de Noronha? Meet Noronha Dreams!

Noronha Dreams

Noronha Dreams is the package of tours that can not miss on your trip to Noronha.
With it, you will get to know every corner of the island, go boating and see the most beautiful sunset of your life!

Ilha Tour: a complete tour through the island.

Despite being a small island (about 17km²), Noronha has beaches far from each other and the best way to know each corner of the island is by taking the Ilha Tour, aboard a 4×4.
In this tour you will get to know: Praia do Porto, Praia do Sancho, Baía dos Porcos, Cacimba do Padre, Praia do Sueste and Praia do Leão. In addition, the tour has a stop for bathing, snorkeling in several beaches, visit the Tamar Project. Historical itineraries such as the Museu do Tubarão, Capela de São Pedro and Mirador Air France are also part of this tour.


Passeio de Barco: Noronha seascape with a diving stop

This boat trip is way more than you think! This tour, which has as its starting point the Porto de Santo Antônio, will surprise you from beginning to end. Across the Inland Sea, you will pass the secondary islands of the archipelago – such as Rata do Meio Island, Sela Gineta, Cuscuz, and you will be able to see the spinner dolphins, which often stand around boats doing stunts. Arriving at Cacimba do Padre, you will have a sweeping view of Morro Dois Irmãos and Praia da Conceição, overlooking Morro de Fora. During the tour, there is a snorkeling stop at Baia do Sancho. Other points also visited are Baía dos Porcos, Baía dos Golfinhos and the most extreme point of the island, Ponta da Sapata.


Entardecer VIP de Barco: diving and sunset on board

Boat VIP Evening is surely the best option to end the day. On this tour, you will see, onboard, the most beautiful sunset of the island, with an incredible view of Morro Dois Irmãos. Ever wonder?

It does not stop there! On this three-hour trip, it all starts with a tow dive in the Porto region and around the wreck. After arriving at Praia da Conceição, you can go snorkeling.  And meanwhile, on the boat, fish and roast meat, salad and bread are prepared to kill that post-dive hunger!


Want more tour options in Noronha? 

Mergulho Batismo

With over 25 points for diving on the island, what the island has the most is options for scuba diving for the first time.

The baptism dive lasts 30 minutes and reaches an average depth of 12 meters. Throughout the practice, you are guided by a dive instructor and have all the equipment to practice. 


Aqua Sub Reboque

Also known as Planasub, it is one of the most popular tours in Fernando de Noronha.
On this tour, you are led by the sea holding a board, which is connected to the boat. The average speed is 8km / h. You will have a snorkel and mask to observe the marine fauna along the tour, which takes place in the vicinity of Porto, passing by the wreck and Praia da Biboca.


Trilha Histórica – Jardim Elizabeth

The tour starts on the old road that gives access to Porto and the first stop is the Jardim Elizabeth. The trail also goes through the Forte Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and the Igreja Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. The route includes stops at Praia do Cachorro, Conceição and Praia do Meio.The trail is ideal for those who want to know the local culture, enjoy each stop and admire the natural beauty of the island. 


Alvorecer Mirante dos Golfinhos

The access to the Mirante dos Golfinhos is made by a pleasant trail, about 1km long. The walk is made on a suspended and accessible walkway and ends at the perfect spot for watching the dolphins of Noronha. The site is also home to the Rotator Dolphin Project, created to protect the species. A good tip is to arrive early to watch them, as they are nocturnal animals to eat, rest and mate and usually return to the bay in the morning.


All these tours you find here! 

And there’s more:

Who can travel to Fernando de Noronha? 

Anyone can travel to Noronha by paying the Environmental Preservation Fee (TPA) and the Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park visitation fee. Both fees can be paid online.

The destination is often well visited by couples, but family travel there can be a great choice. Traveling with children to Fernando de Noronha is possible! There is a lot to do there with the little ones and in this post, you can check out some family outings in Noronha.


Traveling to Noronha is a good option all year long, but be aware of the weather forecast before you travel.
Websites like ClimaTempo and AccuWeather are good options to check the weather.

Still wondering what is the best time of year to go?
In the post Find out what is the best time of year to meet Fernando de Noronha you will find the best tips for your trip.

More information about what to do month by month in Fernando de Noronha, you can find here.

With the Easy Route “Roteiro Fácil” you choose your destination and we show you the best to do in each place!

Saw? It is very easy to guarantee the best tours in Fernando de Noronha!

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